About Us

The Author.

Elizabeth Chibuzo is a Registered Dental Therapist.

She is very passionate about the dental profession and focused on oral health and prevention

She has been a registered dental therapist for more than 2 years now. She enjoys sharing dental knowledge through educational videos and
raising awareness on various topics in the dental community through
partnerships, talks, conferences, articles, and community projects.
She is an excellent team player with great communication skills and a
bright attitude towards colleagues and patients.
During her undergraduate years, she took up multiple representative roles on the
a student committee, she was the past president of the Rotaract club in the institution she attended, and as a result of her academic and clinical
achievements she was awarded various prizes.
She loves the multidisciplinary aspects of the profession and her 2-year
the plan includes building up her dental skills, achieving positive
outcomes for patient oral health, and giving back to her community.

About Liz Dental Care:

Https://lizdentalcare.com helps to promote your oral and general health. Healthy teeth and mouth improve the health of your general body. The information shared on this website is only a guild to having a healthy mouth and body, not a treatment.
Before any information is shared here; our registered dental team will conduct research before uploading it. Liz dental care works with registered dentists to give you the best information.