How To Register With the Dental Therapy Registration Board In Nigeria

Before one is qualified to practice as a Dental Therapist in Nigeria; such a person is expected to be fully registered and issued a practicing license by the Dental Therapist registration board of Nigeria. Just like every other professional body for you to be legally able to practice you ought to be registered with the governing body. Practicing in Nigeria as a Dental Therapist who is not fully Registered with the board is just like practicing as a quack and it’s an offense punishable by law. You should be grateful and always identify with the professional board because some professions are still struggling to get approved as a board or to have a governing board. The Dental Therapy Registration Board of Nigeria was established by Decree 81 of August 25, 1993, embodied in Cap D7 of the Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004. The Dental Therapy Board is under the Federal Ministry of Health. The Dental Therapy Registration Board Does are also the Regulatory Board for Dental Nurses, Dental Surgery Technicians (formerly referred to as Dental Health Technicians), and Dental Surgery Assistants.

Requirements To Register With The Dental Therapy Board In Nigeria.

The only necessary requirement to register with the dental therapist board of Nigeria is graduating from an accredited institution that offers dental therapy as a course and graduating with good results. There are different institutions offering dental therapy as a course in Nigeria and are located in different states in Nigeria, including Enugu, Kaduna, Sokoto, and Zamfara states among others.  After that, you are required to go for a one-year internship program in an accepted Nigerian hospital. When you have done all that then you will be eligible to register with the board after passing the board examination conducted at least three times a year. There are two types of Registration with the Dental Therapy Board and they are; • Full Registration and • Temporary Registration Full registration: This is the type of registration done by qualified professionals; including those that have finished their one-year internship program. This type of registration will offer the professional the op[purtunity to be offered a permanent license. Temporary Registration: This is the type done immediately after you graduate from the institution and are qualified to apply for the one-year professional internship program. without the temporal license, you will not be allowed to apply for the internship program in any hospital in Nigeria.

How Much Does It Cost To Register With The Dental Therapy Board In Nigeria?

There are stipulated fees you can pay for registration into the dental therapy registration board. The fee is always not refundable, and the registration fee will cover the examination cost and preparation made by the board. The fee although not made constant by the board varies over years depending on the logistics of the board ranging from #60,000 To #70,000.