gap teeth is good or bad

Disadvantages Of Having Gap Tooth

We are faced with choices every day because life is about choices. If you were faced with choosing between a bad tooth and a gap tooth, you would probably choose a gap tooth. Why? Some other individuals consider gap teeth as bad teeth. Why Is this so? Well, just sit back, relax and continue reading to find out what gap teeth are and if it’s really bad as some people claim.

What is a Gap tooth?

Gap teeth medically known as diastema are more than large normal spaces found between your teeth. It can be in different positions of the teeth, but it’s commonly found in between the front teeth. While it is usually a cosmetic dentistry concern and is usually not acceptable by many, some individuals find gap teeth very attractive and appealing. 

In a bid to get rid of this, many have patronized quack doctors who have leveraged this to make money off of them and ended up leaving them with bad teeth and, overall, damage to their oral health.  Also, since some people have associated it with fashion, it is no surprise that some have gone on to create artificial gap teeth or diastema to enhance their beauty.

What quack doctors do is carve off parts of your teeth to create space. This is not the right approach to creating spaces between the teeth, as this has a negative effect.

What are the Adverse Effects of Creating Gap Teeth Artificially?

  • Tooth Sensitivity: When the outer layer (enamel) of the tooth has been carved off, the next layer (dentine) is exposed to the outside environment, and this renders the tooth prone to sensitivity. You start having shocks in your teeth when they get exposed to a cold or hot environment, when brushing, or when you consume citrus fruits. 
  • Tooth Infection: If the extent of shaving is deep, this may lead to exposure of the inner parts of the tooth to the environment and subsequently result in infection of the tooth. When a tooth is infected, it becomes painful. The infection can progress to involve the surrounding tissues, with swelling and pus discharge around the tooth. Infections can result in the death of a tooth, as well as systemic infections. The death of the tooth means you will likely lose the
    tooth, and you will eventually have the “gap” you craved. 
  • Tooth Discolouration: When part of a tooth has been shaved off, the exposed inner layer can easily become discolored by taking up pigments from ingested food or drinks. Also, when a tooth becomes dead or non-vital, it loses its natural color and can become grey, brown, or black colored. 

What Should I Do To Get An Artificial Diastema?

If you are eager to get an artificial diastema, you should consult your dentist before proceeding with the procedure. You will be examined to determine the feasibility of this procedure and will be directed to an orthodontist to get it done. It is not a procedure that is done within minutes, and it requires patience.
Many people visit quacks because they are impatient, and it rarely ends well. The only way to guarantee that you are not causing damage to your mouth is to have your gap teeth created by a professional. So, contact your dentist for those gap teeth, lest you end up with bad teeth.

What are the Disadvantages of Having Gap Teeth?

❖ There is difficulty with cleaning the teeth: It may sound cliche but it’s difficult to clean teeth with diastema because of the trapped food particles. These trapped food particles cause plaque buildup.

❖ Dental health issues: This plaque buildup which is a sticky film of bacteria produces acids that cause cavities hence, damaging your teeth

❖ Speech issues: Teeth gaps can cause speech impediments making it difficult to pronounce the “s” and “z” sounds

❖ Shifting teeth: Gaps in teeth can cause gaps in your smile, tooth decay, and gum disease.

❖ Eating problems: Diastema can cause misaligned bites that make chewing quite difficult and maybe painful.

❖ Premature aging: Missing teeth causes shrinkage of your jaw bone and facial muscle begins to sag. This changes your face shape making you look older.

Teeth gaps or diastema can affect your quality of life and appearance. Now that you’ve seen the disadvantages of teeth gaps, you should schedule an appointment with your Dentist and have them checked and treated.
Do not forget that mishandled gap teeth or diastema can lead to bad teeth!

Associate Author: Eunice Okoro