Causes Of Wisdom Teeth Extraction

The wisdom tooth also known as the third molar usually, irrupts in adults starting between the age of
17 to 25 years of age some time above it’s depends on the individuals. The wisdom teeth, eruption comes with so many troubles and suffering due to its position sometimes it is too small to accommodate the tooth, and sometimes it became impacted (malpositioned) resulting in pain and so many dental conditions.
Wisdom teeth are usually only removed if they cause problems, or are likely to cause troubles and pain in the future. Some research has proven that wisdom teeth are not participating in mastication (chewing) which is why some people decide to get them removed.

Signs That Your Wisdom Teeth Are Impacted.

Impacted wisdom teeth don’t always show signs or symptoms. However, when an impacted wisdom tooth became infected, it can damage other teeth, or cause other dental problems you may experience some of these signs and symptoms:

  1. Red or swelling gum
  2. Tender or bleeding gum
  3. Jaw pain
  4. Swelling around the jaw
  5. Bad breath
  6. An unpleasant taste in your mouth
  7. Difficulty opening your mouth

Common Reasons Why The Wisdom Teeth Get Impacted

Wisdom teeth (third molar) become impacted because they don’t have enough room to come in (erupt) or developed normally. Wisdom teeth usually emerge between the age of 17 to 25 some people have wisdom teeth that emerge without any problem and line up with other teeth behind the second

In many cases, however, the mouth is so crowded for the third molar to develop normally. These crowded third molars become trapped. (Impacted). Here are some brief causes of impacted wisdom teeth;

  1. Grow at an angle towards the next tooth ( second molar)
  2. Grow at an angle towards the back of the mouth
  3. Grow at the right angle of the other teeth as if the wisdom teeth are lying down within the jaw bone.
  4. Grow straight up or down like other teeth but stay trapped within the jawbone.

What To Do When Your Wisdom Teeth Is Impacted

Impacted wisdom teeth are usually treated by surgery, Of which extraction of the tooth is the best choice for both the patient and the surgeon. Impacted teeth can also cause a condition called pericoronitis; inflammation of the gingival flap that is overlapping the tooth it happens when food particles get trapped below the flesh covering the impacted teeth. This inflamed painful flesh can be removed surgically.

What To Do After Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Post-operative instructions;

  • Take your drugs as prescribed by your dentist.
  • Do not use the extraction site for chewing or torch the area with your tongue
  • Use warm water and salt giggling 7 times for 10 days atleast after 24 hours of the procedure
  • Do not eat spicy food at the day of extraction
  • Jaw exercise
  • Dont do strenous exercise 24 hours after extraction.
  • Dont drink alcohol one week after wisdom teeth extraction.
  • Dont Smoke or vape after wisdom teeth extraction.
  • Get enough rest.