Dentistry is a vast profession that is comprised of different subspecialties to form a dental team. A dental technologist is a highly skilled and crafted dental professional who undergoes 4 or 5 years in a
university or college to obtain a Higher National Diploma (HND) or Bachelor’s degree in dental technology and pass the final qualifying professional council examination to be registered and licensure by Nigerian Dental Technologist Council of Nigeria NDTCN. Dental technologist are part of the dental team they are formally known as dental technicians they make dentures, crowns, bridge, and dental braces that improves patients’ dental appearances and speech.

Roles Of A Dental Technologist

A Dental Technologist stands the chance of advancing into any of the five major specialist areas of the
profession. These fields or branches include:

  • Prosthodontics/Prosthetic Technology: This branch according to Ray Mac-goge. defines dental prosthetics as the art and science of designing and fitting artificial substitutes to replace lost or missing tissues. They can construct the eye, ear, nose, and cheeks.
  • Appliances construction: This field includes removable partial/full dentures designed and constructed using either metallic or non-metallic materials for patient’s or-facial rehabilitation.

Duties of a Dental Technologist in Nigeria

As a dental technologist you will are expected to :

  • Undertake all aspects of prosthetics including making bites and special trays casting mouth guards and retainers.
  • Construct partial or full dentures to replace partial or total loss teeth
  • Create accurate models from the doctor’s impression
  • Fabricate porcelain veneers for crowns, prosthetics, implant restorations, and bridges using a ceramic-metallic technique
  • Construct models of the month and teeth from the impression of the patient’s mouth taken by the dentist
  • Correcting dental irregularities by fabricating removable or fixed appliances
  • Replace missing facial or body tissues as a result of injury or developmental abnormality by fabricating a maxillofacial prosthetic.

Where You Can Work As a Dental Technologist In Nigeria

A dental technologist has a very high working opportunity in both the private and public sector and has a good way of advancement of education from HND To BSC or Btech and even a master’s degree in dental technology. When you advance in your studies you may choose to be a dental specialist in one of the many subspecialties in dentistry even as a dental technologist example you can be an orthodontist, a maxillofacial surgeon, or, a prosthodontist.