Dentists are the professionals that care about the teeth, but there are different types of dentists, they all care for the teeth but in different areas and specializations, depending on the dental conditions that you require treatment.

6 Most Common Types of Dentists

Here are the most common types of dentists and the services they offer;

  • Pediatric Dentist
  • General Dentists
  • Cosmetics Dentist
  • Family Dentist
  • Specialty Dentist
  • Orthodontist

Pediatric Dentists

Pediatric dentists are trained specially for taking care of the oral health of children and babies. They provide different dental treatments like preventive therapy for children, an example of preventive treatment for children is the application of fluoride and fissure sealants.

pediatrics dentist 
children dentist

General Dentists

General dentists are the most common type of dentist, the majority of dentists practicing are general dentists.  They care for the general health of teeth and the oral cavity.  

General Dentists provide the following restorative treatments; fixing of dentures, fixing of dental implants, bonding, Cavity fillings e.t.c, Fluoride treatment, Wisdom teeth removal, and tooth extractions for baby and adult teeth.

Cosmetics Dentists

They offer treatments that help to improve a patient’s aesthetics.  Cosmetic dental treatments are becoming more popular. Because everyone attractive and healthy smile is important to many people.

Here are the most common cosmetics procedures they offer;

Veneer fixing

Braces fixing


Teeth whitening

Family Dentists

Family dentists also take care of the oral hygiene of the teeth. They perform similarly procures to general dentists.

Because, as people age, they require different dental care throughout life, the family dentist provides dental treatment to both young and old.

Specialist Dentists

They are those types of dentists that specialize in one field of dentistry. They are experts in that field, we have about six specialists in dentistry that focuses on patient care directly, they are;

  1. Prosthodontics: They diagnose and restore the damaged soft oral tissues. They help to restore teeth that are missing and badly damaged.
  2. Endodontics: They are highly trained to perform surgeries for dental pulp problems and issues arising from the periradicular areas. They are the specialist that are experts in Root Canal Treatments.
  3. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons: They perform surgery to improve the aesthetic features of the oral regions and maxillofacial areas. They perform surgeries to correct injuries caused by the following; Tooth loss, Accidental injury, Trauma, Complications from the oral Gangrenouse diseases e.t.c.
  4. Periodontists: They specialize in the periodontium. Periodontium is the soft tissue that supports and surrounds the teeth on the upper and lower jaw. They care about the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of the diseases affecting the soft tissues of the teeth. They also manage the aesthetic functions of the soft tissues, e.g the gingiva,


They specialize in managing dental occlusion, correcting malocclusion, and straightening the teeth. They provide treatments that corrects a mal allignd teeth. They make use of dental braces and some orthodontic wires to achieve their result.

Common treatments they provide are;

  • Space maintainers
  • Braces fixing
  • Clear aligners
  • Palate expanders
  • Retainer fixing.