What are Tooth Gems?

A tooth gem is a small shining stone made from different jewelry materials which are attached to the surface of a tooth using an adhesive. They are mostly placed at the center of the tooth. Tooth gem is a new fashion trend evolving rapidly this year, the tooth gems are mostly attached to the anterior part of the teeth, tooth gem are different from dental grills; a dental grill covers every part of the teeth, an example of dental grill is the type worn by a Nigerian music artist Burna Boy.

There are three different types of tooth gems which include, those that are;

  • Glued onto the tooth surface
  • Placed inside the tooth or,

The choice depends on the personal preference of the patient.

is tooth gem bad for the teeth

Who Can Fix Tooth Gem?

You can get the tooth gem attached to your teeth by a;

  • Dentist
  • Qualified tattooist
  • Beautician

Why Should You Visit The Dental Professionals For Your Tooth Gem?

Although the fixing of tooth gems is not yet common in most dental offices, because there are no studies proving their safety and effectiveness for long-term use but it is advisable you visit the dental clinic for your teeth gem,  this is because the dental professionals will professionally fix the tooth gem for you.

Also when you visit your dentist for the procedure they will counsel you and also examine your teeth to know if your teeth are healthy enough or not for a tooth gem. Your dentist will also make sure that your jewelry is applied correctly using the best dental adhesive material.

How Long Does Tooth Gem Last?

Tooth gems are designed to last for six months to a year, but sometimes they might not last up to that because of how you use and care for them.

Sides Effects of Fixing Tooth Gems

Aside from improving your appearance, here are a number of reasons why tooth gems are bad for your teeth.

Here are the common reasons why  it is a bad idea for your teeth;

  • Increased the chance of having Tooth Decay

When you have a tooth gem, you have introduced an adhesive to your tooth. These foreign objects on your teeth can cause the enamel to wear away and increase the likelihood of tooth decay.

  • Tooth Discoloration

Tooth gems can lead to discolorations on the affected teeth, this is because the dental hygiene practice in that area would reduce.

  • Increased in Bacteria Growth

Those small spaces between your teeth and the jewelry will be trapping food particles and this will increase the number of bacteria in your teeth, which will put you at a higher risk of having bad bad breath.

  • Chipped or Scratched Teeth Enamel

When you wear this tooth gem for a long period of time, it can create a chip or scratches on your teeth enamel; this will also put your teeth at a higher risk of having dental cavities.

  • Discomfort

When you have a tooth gem fixed newly, it is common to feel like you have something caught in your mouth when eating or drinking fluids. This can reduce when you wear it for a short period.

Neither of these circumstances is healthy for your mouth. You are the one to decide if taking all that risk is worth participating in a passing trend.

How Much Does a Tooth Gem Cost in Nigeria

The cost of tooth gems depends on the materials that are used. Tooth gem costs can range from #50,000-#100,000 for high-quality metals and crystals; this might include the cost of the treatment and the jewelry applied to your teeth.

Some tooth gems are made of lower quality material, while some are made of pure Gold, and of course, their prices would be different.

How To Fix a Tooth Gem

Fixing a tooth gem does not require much work it’s simple and doesn’t hurt, but that doesn’t mean you should get it done yourself. This process can take about 20-minutes minutes to complete which means that it doesn’t consume much time to fix.

Step by Step process:

  • Prepare the teeth

Preparing the teeth involves, the professional washing of the teeth first to remove all the dental deposits that can be harmful to the teeth.

  • Examine the Teeth

This involves examining the whole teeth to be sure that there’s no cavity and other dental irregularities on the supposed tooth/teeth to be fixed.

  • Decide which Type of Jewelry to use 

This involves determining the type of jewelry the patients want to use and the type of tooth gem to fix for the patient. You can also check the durability of the gems to use and their compatibility with the teeth.

  • Consider the Fixing Angles

This involves looking at different angles to find the perfect fit for the mouth’s shape this will enhance the beauty of the tooth gem.

  • Attach The Tooth Gem To The Teeth

This is the final step, this involves using an adhesive or bonding agent to attach the gemstone to the teeth, after that some preventive instructions would be given to the patient on how best to manage the tooth gem and practice good oral hygiene.

What You Should Do If You Fix a Tooth Gem

If you have a tooth gem the most important thing for you to do is to take absolute care of your teeth, practice good oral hygiene methods; brush your teeth daily; morning and night, floss your teeth daily and don’t forget to see your dentist every six months.

Is Fixing a Tooth Gem Good for Your Teeth?

Aside from following the trend in the fashion industry; getting a tooth gem is not a good idea for your teeth, it puts your teeth at a higher risk of damage. Thus, it’s important you know what you want for your dental health -‘ following a trend at the detriment of your teeth; or saving your teeth’. If you want to improve the aesthetic of your teeth, there are healthier ways to do that in the dental clinic, ranging from the professional washing of the teeth; to professional teeth whitening.Always seek your dentist’s opinion before going for any dental procedure.